5 Affordable Products to Extend Your Everyday Wardrobe for Maternity

5 Affordable Products to Extend Your Everyday Wardrobe for Maternity  | Design Confetti

The first trimester can be a tricky one when it comes to getting dressed, you aren’t quite ready to move to a full fledged maternity wardrobe yet, but your jeans don’t seem to want to button anymore and things just aren’t fitting quite right. Here are five of our favorite quick fixes, all under $20 that will help extend your everyday wardrobe for maternity.  

1. Slim Belts, Target, $16 for 3

Once you’re ready to spill the news a slim belt can be a great way to define your bump in an oversized blouse or dress. 

2. Maternity Leggings, H&M, $19.99 for 2 & Maternity Tights, H&M, $19.99 for 2

When your belly starts expanding hemlines will start to creep up as well. Layer tunics over leggings, and dresses over tights, for a little extra coverage and warmth.

3. Bellaband, Target, $16.99

This product is genius for allowing you to wear your regular jeans unbuttoned while ensuring you don’t end up overexposed.

4. Maternity Layering Tanks, Target, $9.99

Perfect for everything from layering under too short tops, to wearing with kimonos and cardigans, to get through your pregnancy without losing your sense of style.

5. Bra Strap Extenders, Amazon, $6.99 for 6  

Give that expanding rib cage a little extra breathing room with these bra strap extenders. 


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