Crushing On: Moody Florals

Crushing On: Moody Florals | Design Confetti

While it's been around for a while, one trend that we are loving right now is dark moody florals. Making their appearance on everything from wallpaper to giftwrap they are big on drama, a gorgeous way to introduce jewel tones and their richer, deeper tone feels just right this time of year with the shorter days and longer nights.

1. Dark Botanical No.10 Print, by Kari Herer, $30

2. Oriental Palms Notebook, by Nikki Strange, $7

3. Microburst Wallet iPhone Case, Casetify,  $55

4. Moth Magic Giftwrap, Red Cap Cards, $5

5. Valencia Flat, Jeffery Campbell, $100

6. Floral Velvet Robe, Out from Under, $79

7. Dark Floral Wallpaper, by Ellie Cashman Design $85+

8. Victoria Floral Moody Fabric, Spoonflower, $10+

9. Painted Camellia Salad Plate, Marchesa by Lenox, $35


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