Hunter x Target Collaboration Just Announced

 Image via Target

Image via Target

The iconic rubber boots from British brand Hunter are more than just a fashion statement, for anyone who has lived in a place with inclement weather (hello, New England) they are a staple of your wardrobe in the spring and winter. Easy to pull on and off and trusty enough to keep your feet dry day after day, their status as a style statement is just the icing on the cake. In drier climates Hunters are better know as festival wear a la Kate Moss, who has iconically been photographed pairing them with short shorts.

No matter your association, the brand that has stood the test of time has just announced that they're partnering up with Target to bring their wares to every member of your family. From rain gear, to backpacks to outdoor essentials like sunshades and coolers they promise colorful goods you can enjoy no matter the weather.

Prices ring in between $5 to $80, with most items under $30, which is a bargain considering a pair of their tall rain boots will usually set you back $150.


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