Sugar & Cloth’s Adorable New Partyware is Exclusively Through Amazon

When it comes to setting the table for an event the options used to be a. stock up on plates and glasses and prepare to do a lot of dishes b. pony up for a catering service or c. embrace the picnic feel of red solo cups and plastic tablecloths.

Thankfully, things have come a long ways and thanks to brands like Target's Cheeky you can pick up a disposable set of coordinating plates and cups to suit any theme. Taking things even a step further is Sugar and Cloth with their new exclusive-to-Amazon line of disposable partyware, serving up elevated basics from their colorful cutlery and gold rimmed plates to marble print Melanine serving platters and cake stands, many of which that can survive a few rounds of gentle hand-washing (a good thing as they're so pretty you won't want to let them go).  


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