The Unexpected Source for Houseplants

The Unexpected Source for Houseplants | Design Confetti

I shop for nearly everything on Amazon: from party decor, to groceries, to random odds and ends around the house. So when someone mentioned to me that I should check out Amazon as a source of houseplants, I shouldn't have been caught off-guard, but I was. I have a bit of a plant obsession, I get excited every time I discover a new variety and have the terrible habit of putting them where they look best in the house, instead of where they will most likely survive/thrive. (Please tell me I'm not alone in this.) I've been known to scour multiple nurseries in search of something specific only to come up empty handed so the idea of being able to find exactly what I want at the click of a mouse is seriously appealing. 

*all prices are as of the time of posting

1. Boston Fern, Amazon, $27.86

2. Flowering Tillandsia, Amazon, $9.95

3. Split Leaf Philodendron, Amazon, $21

4. Blooming Bromeliad, Amazon, $28.62

5. Golden Pothos, Amazon, $2.59

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Amazon, $29.97

7. ZZ Plant, Amazon, $4.06

8. Snake Plant, Amazon, $29.07

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